Microwave Digestion Systems


SCP SCIENCE offers 3 types of microwave digestion systems.



a focused microwave digestion system which candigest up to 12 samples simultaneously; each with an interdependent method, if desired.



a fully automated version of the SA designed for processing of up to 14 racks for a potential of up to 168 samples and including automated venting and cooling.



a budget friendly, 6 position digestion cavity with real temperature feedback running one method at a time.


All NovaWAVE systems can use either Quartz of PFA Teflon® vessels for digestions



Patented auto vent and seal vessel technology

Vessels operate at 34 atms (500 psi) and are pretested to 90 atms (1305 psi)

13 gauge Stainless Steel tunnel/cavity, to protect the user

Over temperature auto shut down

Dual explosion guards on tunnel/cavity entries


Racks and Vessels

Volume calibrated Quartz vessels, for normalization

No assembly PFA Teflon® vessels with Quartz sleeve supports

Close and seal with calibrated Safety Pressure Caps with a certificate indicating pressure traceability