Sample Splitter


Constructed in stainless or galvanized steel, the sample splitter has a wide application since it can be used for fine aggregates as well as many coarse sizes. Sample is poured into the hopper chute and the riffle splitter divides it into two equal portions that discharge into separate pans. The split is then repoured until the desired number of representative samples are obtained. The sample splitters are available with riffle openings of 3/8” or larger, and with splitter sizes of 229 mm x 305 mm (9” x 12”) and 229 x 457 mm (9” x 18”).

010-010-800Sample Splitterea Details
010-010-801Riffle,SS,229 x 305mm ID #32 (Set)ea Details
010-010-802Riffle,GA,229 x 305mm ID #32 (Set)ea Details
010-010-803Riffle,SS,229 x 305mm ID #26 (Set)ea Details
010-010-804Riffle,GA,229 x 305mm ID #24 (Set)ea Details
010-010-805Riffle,SS,229 x 305mm ID #18 (Set)ea Details
010-010-806Riffle,GA,229 x 305mm ID #18 (Set)ea Details
010-010-807Riffle,SS,229 x 457mm ID #48 (Set)ea Details
010-010-808Riffle,GA,229 x 457mm ID #48 (Set)ea Details
010-010-809Riffle,SS,229 x 457mm x 12.7 ID#32 (Set)ea Details
010-010-810Riffle,GA,229 x 457mm ID #32 (Set)ea Details
010-010-811Riffle,SS,229 x 457mm ID #28 (Set)ea Details
010-010-812Riffle,GA,229 x 457mm ID #28 (Set)ea Details
010-010-813Riffle, SS, 9 x 12 x 1/2" - 20 Div (Set)ea Details
010-010-814Riffle, SS, 9"x12"x3/8 26 Div (Set)ea Details
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