Swing Mill Grinders

Swing Mill Grinder

The SCP SCIENCE SP-2000 Swing Mill Grinder provides fast, efficient, reproducible grinding of wet or dry production samples, minerals, ore, rock, cement, brick, slag, coke, and similar materials. Flexibility in sample volume and type are provided by choosing the appropriate grinding dish for your application. The addition of a triple-head Adapter Plate allows three separate 20 or 50 ml grinding dishes to be used simultaneously.

Digital timer for automatic grinding cycle control

• Capable of sample fineness of -100 to -400 mesh

• Self-adjusting clamp system

• Electrical requirements: 3 Phase, 1 HP motor standard

• (1 Phase motor also available)

• Swing Mill Flyer (PDF, 613KB)

010-010-200SP-2000 HD Swing Mill Grinderea Details
010-010-201Dish, Grinding, Alloy 1, 50mlea Details
010-010-202Dish, Grinding, Alloy 1, 100mlea Details
010-010-203Dish, Grinding, Alloy 1, 250mlea Details
010-010-204Dish, Grinding, Alloy 2, 50mlea Details
010-010-205Dish, Grinding, Alloy 2, 100mlea Details
010-010-206Dish, Grinding, Alloy 2, 250mlea Details
010-010-207Dish, Grinding, Alloy 01, 100mlea Details
010-010-208Dish, Grinding, Alloy 01, 250mlea Details
010-010-209Dish, Grinding, Alloy 1, 20mlea Details
010-010-210Dish, Grinding, Alloy 1, 150mlea Details
010-010-211Dish, Grinding, Alloy 2, 20mlea Details
010-010-212Dish, Grinding, Alloy 2, 150mlea Details
010-010-214Dish, Grinding, Mild Steel, 50mlea Details
010-010-215Dish, Grinding, Mild Steel, 100mlea Details
010-010-216Dish, Grinding, Mild Steel, 250mlea Details
010-010-217Dish, Grinding, Ceramic, 150mlea Details
010-010-219Dish, Grinding, Tungsten Carb. 50mlea Details
010-010-220Dish, Grinding, Tungsten Carb. 150mlea Details
010-010-221Plate, Adapter (20ml)ea Details
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