XRF Thin Film

Thin Film

Continuous rolls, pre-cut sheets and easy snap sheets are available in different chemical compositions and uniform thickness. Minimum trace levels of impurities ensure reproducible day-to-day results. When selecting a film, resistance to chemical attack, transmission characteristics, and purity must be balanced for optimal results with a specific sample type.

Available as continuous roll, pre-cut, or easy snap sheets for  your convenience

• Purchase 5 or more rolls of Mylar® or Kapton® film and receive 10% off

• Thin Film Flyer (PDF, 180KB)

040-070-010Mylar Film, 3u, 115m Rollea Details
040-070-020Mylar Film, 6u, 115m Rollea Details
040-070-035Mylar Film, 3.6u, 91m Rollea Details
040-070-037Mylar Film, 6u, 91m Rollea Details
040-070-038Mylar Film, 3.6u, Pre-Cut (pk/1000)ea Details
040-070-039Mylar Film, 6.0 u, Pre-Cut (pk/100)ea Details
040-070-040Polypropylene Film, 6u, 91m Rollea Details
040-070-042Polypropylene Film, 12u, 91m Rollea Details
040-070-045Prolene Film, 4u, 91m Rollea Details
040-070-050Microporous Film, 5.1m Rollea Details
040-070-055Microporous Film, Pre-Cut (pk/100)ea Details
040-070-072Polypropylene Film,6u, Pre-Cut (pk/1000)ea Details
040-070-100Dispenser, Filmea Details
040-070-105Mylar Film, 6u, Pre-Cut (pk/1000)ea Details
040-070-130Kapton Film, 7.5u, Pre-Cut (pk/500)ea Details
040-070-135Kapton Film, 7.5u, 3" Easy Snap (pk/100)ea Details
040-070-141Mylar Film, 2.5u, 3" Easy Snap (pk/100)ea Details
040-070-142Mylar Film, 2.5u, 91m Rollea Details
040-070-144Mylar Film, 6u, 3" Easy Snap (pk/100)ea Details
040-070-147Prolene Film, 4u, 3" Easy Snap (pk/100)ea Details
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