Plasma 1, 1000, 2, 2000, 400 Torches

020-050-063Torch Shield, Type IIea Details
020-050-065Torch Shield, Dem. w/slotsea Details
020-050-066Bonnet, (PK of 2)ea Details
020-050-067Tube, Sample Inj., Qtz. 1.6mmea Details
020-050-068Torch Shield,Type II (Wear)ea Details
020-050-072Torch Body & Side Arms for PE ICPMSea Details
020-050-182Injector Quartz Tube 1.2 mmea Details
020-050-183Injector Quartz Tube 1.6 mmea Details
020-050-213Purge Extension Window UVea Details
020-050-214Purge Extensionea Details
020-051-301Quartz Injector Tip 1.2 mmea Details
020-051-303Extension for Torchea Details
020-051-313PE Injector Support Adapter with O-Ringsea Details
020-051-315O-Ring Adapter Kit for N058-224ea Details
020-051-321Purge Ext. Window, Opt 2000ea Details
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