PlasmaQuad, Axiom Spray Chambers

020-048-100Thermo Controlled Maximea Details
020-048-101Impact, Water Cooledea Details
020-048-102Spray Chamber, Conical Water-Cooled, Quaea Details
020-048-201Clamp, S.S. #12ea Details
020-048-202Clamp, S.S. #18ea Details
020-048-203UV Laser Sample Cellea Details
020-048-204Micro Probe UV Laser Smpl. Cellea Details
020-048-309Spray Chamber with Impact Beadea Details
020-049-624Spr. Chbr, Conc, Qtz, Q/Cea Details
020-050-032Spray Chamber,H2O Cool. Boro.ea Details
020-050-033Spray Chamber, Qtz. H2O Coolea Details
020-050-034Elbow, Ball/Socket Boro.ea Details
020-050-035Elbow, Ball/Socket Quartzea Details
020-050-078Spray Chamber with Impact Bead, Qtzea Details
020-050-079Spray Chamber with Impact Bead, Conc.ea Details
020-050-166Laser Sample Cell (UV)ea Details
020-050-167Sleeve, Quartzea Details
020-050-168Sleeve #2, Quartzea Details
020-050-169Sleeve, Silica, Quartzea Details
020-050-170Tube, Quartzea Details
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