DigiPREP HT High Temperature Digestion Systems

DigiPREP HT incorporates several state-of-the-art design features in an affordable package. Available in four models ranging from 10 to 40 positions. Comes complete with a DigiPREP HT block dual zone tube rack, Teflon® exhaust manifold, and Teflon® tube adapters.  DigiPREP HT systems have a temperature range from ambient to 450°C.

DigiPREP HT is constructed with an all-Telfon®manifold exhaust system, which eliminates breakage typical with all-glass manifolds. The manifolds Teflon® tube adaptors float in each digestion tube eliminating sample loss while removing fumes resulting from the digestion process. Teflon manifold® is used in conjunction with a running water jet (010-520-030, included with the instrument) or the SCP SCIENCE Universal Scrubber System.DigiPREP HT digestion systems were designed to minimize bench space with small "footprint" and with all movement of components (manifold, tube rack) up and down while using the specially constructed up-right positions.

DigiPREP HT is uniquely engineered with a corrosion resistant, aluminum heating block the aluminum block's heating mat is tuned to distribute heat evenly across the entire surface and maintain a temperature uniformity of ±3°C resulting in reproducible digestions.