DigiSEP Blue - Metal Extraction Cartridges

DigiSEP Blue

A general purpose, single use, cation removal cartridge. This highly selective exchange cartridge is ideal for retaining transition metals in samples that contain high concentrations of potassium and sodium as in sea water.

010-700-010DigiSEP - Blue Label 100 mg/3ml (pk/50)ea Details
010-700-011DigiSEP - Blue II 100 mg/3ml (pk/50)ea Details
010-700-012DigiSEP - Blue Label 250 mg/6ml (pk/25)ea Details
010-700-013DigiSEP - Blue II 250 mg/6ml (pk/25)ea Details
010-700-014DigiSEP - Blue Label 500 mg/6ml (pk/25)ea Details
010-700-015DigiSEP - Blue II 500 mg/6ml (pk/25)ea Details
010-702-012DigiSEP - Blue Label 250 mg/6ml (pk/2)ea Details
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