DigiPREP Line Cords

DigiPREP systems are supplied with an electrical cord that has a grounding wire with a grounding plug. Ensure that the plug is plugged into an outlet that has been properly installed and grounded. Consult a your local sales representative if there is any doubt about the existence of proper grounding at the outlet.

010-500-006Line Cord (Euro 2 prong plug)ea Details
010-500-007Line Cord (UK with Fused Plug)ea Details
010-500-008Line Cord, (100V), Japanea Details
010-500-009Line Cord (AUS/New Zealand)ea Details
010-500-013Line Cord, North America 230Vea Details
010-500-029Line Cord, China 230Vea Details
010-500-030Line Cord (Argentina 10amp/250V)ea Details
010-500-042Extension cord, Japan 200Vea Details
010-500-091Line Cord, Euro. 16Amp w/C19 Connectorea Details
010-500-094Line Cord, India/SA 16Amp w/C19 Conea Details
010-500-095Line Cord, NA,230V 15 Amp w/C19 Con.ea Details
010-500-097Line cord, N.A. 125VAC w/C19 Connectorea Details
010-500-099Line Cord, China w/C19 Connector,16 Ampea Details
010-500-100Line Cord, Japan w/C19 connector (100V)ea Details
010-500-101Line Cord, Japan w/C19 connector (200V)ea Details
010-500-102Line Cord, Brazil 10A, IEC320 Connectorea Details
010-500-103Line Cord, Brazil 16A, C19 Connectorea Details
010-500-119Umbilical Cord Ext 7 Pin (4 meters)ea Details
010-500-228Umbilical Cord Ext. (2 meter) 7 Pinea Details
010-500-233Umbilical Cord Ext. (1 meter) 7 Pinea Details
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