EasyPREP Sample Handler


EasyPREP Sample Handler is designed for high precision reagent additions of up to 7 reagents, sample dilutions, sample aliquotting, automated pipetting and other applications. The system dispenses sample volumes from 5 µl to 100ml. The system provides a flexible lab solution for multiple applications.


EasyPREP Sample Handler comes with a PC Controller, with user-friendly software, which offers intuitive method development that is easy to configure to your sample needs. 



·         Maximum acid resistance via:

o    Minimum metal components.

o    Acid resistant Kydex and solid surfacing material for the staging table

o    Electrical components that are non-vapor penetrating (switches, connections, etc).

o    Electronic cards that are coated to prevent acid vapor attack.

o    Acid resistant PFA Probe, Fluoropolymer tubing, polyethylene tubing and connectors, and ceramic valve.

·         Dedicated Pump with all Teflonâ valve and Teflonâ dispensing barrel for safe dispensing of Hydrofluoric Acid.

·         All types of autosampler racks and block digestion racks are compatible with the staging table.

010-400-001Sample Handler (110V/230V) with Softwareea Details
010-400-007Laptop Computer with OS, Frenchea Details
010-400-008Laptop Computer with OS, Englishea Details
010-400-009Dispensing Pump for HF 10mlea Details
010-400-013Syringe Pump Cable for Pump1 to Pump 2ea Details
010-400-018Dispensing Pump for 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 25mlea Details
010-400-019Dispensing Pump for 50mlea Details
010-400-020Sample Handler Disp Tubing, 8mlea Details
010-400-029Teflon Valve, HFea Details
010-400-034Tubing Set, HF Tef Ferr, Nuts + Tubingea Details
010-400-048Loop, 13 ml for Sample Handlerea Details
010-400-050EasyPREP Certification (1 per syringe)ea Details
010-400-057Ceramic Valve 9+ 1/4"-28 Universalea Details
010-400-062Dispensing tip, 0.4mm IDea Details
010-400-064Dispensing tip, 1mm IDea Details
010-400-066Dispenser, HF, 10mlea Details
010-400-090AccuNORM, Level Sensorea Details
010-400-093Bubble Stirrer Disp. Tip, Single Pumpea Details
010-400-094Fume Hood for Sample Handler/ TitrECea Details
010-400-096Full Tray for Sample Handlerea Details
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