EasyPREP Sample Handler

Several manual laboratory procedures may be automated using EasyPREP Sample Handler to increase laboratory productivity levels while lowering the risk of human errors.

Applications for the EasyPREP Sample Handler include:

  • Reagent additions – up to 7 reagents
  • Sample dilutions
  • Sample aliquoting
  • Sample transfers
  • Automated pipetting
  • Normalization (Optional)

010-400-001Sample Handler (110V/230V) with Softwareea Details
010-400-007Laptop Computer with OS, Frenchea Details
010-400-008Laptop Computer with OS, Englishea Details
010-400-090AccuNORM, Level Sensorea Details
010-400-094Fume Hood for Sample Handler/ TitrECea Details
010-600-034Barcode Reader and Probeea Details
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