Standards and Reagents

140-715-101COD (CRM), low levelea Details
140-715-102COD (CRM), high levelea Details
250-130-006COD Tubes, 0-150ppm (box/25)ea Details
250-130-007COD Tubes, 0-150ppm (box/200)ea Details
250-130-016COD Tubes, 0-1500ppm (box/25)ea Details
250-130-017COD Tubes, 0-1500ppm (box/200)ea Details
250-130-026COD Tubes, 0-15,000ppm (box/25)ea Details
250-130-027COD Tubes, 0-15,000ppm (box/200)ea Details
250-130-512COD Control Solution, 100ppm O2125ml Details
250-130-550COD Control Solution, 100ppm O2500ml Details
250-130-551COD Control Solution, 100ppm O2L Details
250-130-600COD Control Solution, 1000ppm O2500ml Details
250-130-601COD Control Solution, 1000ppm O2L Details
250-130-602COD Control Solution, 1000ppm O2125ml Details
250-130-650COD Control Solution, 10000 ppm O2500ml Details
250-130-651COD Control Solution, 10000ppm O2L Details
250-130-652COD Control Solution 10000 ppm O2125ml Details
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