EasyPREP Soil Analyzer

EasyPREP Soil Analyzer

pH/EC Soil Analyzer


The EasyPREP Soil Analyzer is a multi-parameter Robotic Soil Analyzer System. The system includes software and hardware to perform pH and electro conductivity measurements in a variety of vessels.

  • Completes tedious environmental testing for uninterrupted operation.
  • Up to 3 point pH calibration and 2 point EC calibration.
  • Analyze and mix up to 4 samples simultaneously. System has one temperature measuring probe for each set of up to 4 pH/Conductivity probes.
    • Dual pumps for each pH electrode, one for each reagent.
  • System built to work in a corrosive environment. Housing and components are acid resistant.
  • Stepper motor peristaltic pump with better than 0.5% accuracy in delivery at 1 ml. 
  • Ability to save and recall the defined Methods for fast setup of routine operations.
    • Pre-programmed methods based upon ISO and Standard Methods, which can be modified and saved for faster programming of new recipes.
  • Bar-code reader optional accessory allows sample ID to be loaded quickly.
  • GPS location of the exact sample location can be programmed in the software.
  • Transfer sample ID from other platforms.
  • Quick referencing and tracking of results.

Soil Analyzer Brochure click here

Application Note:

An EasyPREP Soil Analyzer application note is available. This application note can be used as the first step to create your own analyzing methods.

Example of Application Note Available:

  • Analysis of Agricultural Farm Soil performed by EasyPREP Soil Analyzer