EasyPREP BOD-300

Automated BOD, CBOD and DO Analyzer


  • Optimize laboratory management by opting for a 5 or 7-day incubation period
  • Automated capping and decapping of BOD bottles, accommodating 60, 165, and 300 ml glass bottles, as well as disposable 300 ml bottles
  • Bar-coding option provides sample, bottle, and rack tracking throughout the process
  • Auto wash station prevents cross contamination
  • User-friendly software, LIMS compatible
  • Compliant with laboratory standards: ISO 5815-1, EN-1899-1, EN-1899-2, EN-5814 (2012), EPA 405.1

Application Note:

An application note for EasyPREP BOD-300 is available. It focuses on the BOD analysis in waste water using EasyPREP BOD-300 automation. This application note can be used as the first step to create your own method(s).

Example of Application Note Available:

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Analysis in Waste Water using EasyPREP BOD-300 Automation