Vessels and Accessories

Unique Digestion Racks and Vessels

The MultiVIEW with AutoLOADER system is designed for Quartz or Teflon vessels that can be placed in the same rack for convenience and faster method development. High speed loading and unloading of vessels reduces turn-around time.

The unique rack design uses safety pressure caps, with our patented “Vent and Seal” technology, to release excess pressure automatically to reduce the risk of runaway, exothermic reactions.

010-500-034Exhaust Hose Extension, 10'ea Details
010-600-022Liner, Teflon, New w/Plunger (pk/6)ea Details
010-600-026Safety Pressure Cap, w/liner 010-600-022ea Details
010-600-027PFA Cap, NovaWave Teflon Vessel (pk/6)ea Details
010-600-028PFA Cap, NovaWave Quartz Vessel (pk/6)ea Details
010-600-038MicroWAVE Transfer Rackea Details
010-600-040MicroWAVE Transfer Rack Standea Details
010-600-058Quartz Vessel, 75ml MW (pk/6)ea Details
010-600-059Support Sleeve, 75 ml MW/MTV Teflon Ves.pk6 Details
010-600-064MultiVIEW IN staging tableea Details
010-600-070Venting Tool Microwaveea Details
010-600-073Teflon Digestion Vessel, 75ml MicroWAVEpk6 Details
010-600-090Torque wrench for Safety Pressure Cap SAea Details
010-600-093Tool,Removal for Plunger Liner NW/MW/MTVea Details
010-600-100Mixing Cap for Microwave Vesselea Details
010-600-112Quartz/PFA Vessel Weighing Support/Standea Details
010-600-122Tester for Cap and Liner for MicroWAVEea Details
010-625-010MultiVIEW Start up Kitea Details
010-625-012GMP, Chp21 Part11 Compliance for MTVea Details
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