Jaw/Roll Crushers

Jaw Crusher

A sturdier machine with a more powerful motor than previous models, the Jaw Crusher SP-5000 is manufactured for customers with heavy workloads. Grinde crushes 5"x7" (13 cm x 18 cm) samples to -10 mesh in one pass (93%-95%). Complete with one set of smooth or serrated jaws. Improvements included: more powerful motor (5 HP), moving jaw bearings which are 5 to 10 times stronger; moving jaw shaft 1/2" diameter longer offering twice the load capacity; and pusher and flange bearings which have twice the capacity.

Intergrated forced blown air system to reduce bearing

Provides a longer life span for system parts

Applications include:

    - Rocks, core samples, cements, ingots, glass and friable materials

Jaw Crusher, flyer (PDF, approx. 500 KB)

Jaw Crusher SP-5000  
Jaw Crusher SP-5000  
Catalog Number 010-010-106 (280V, 60Hz)
Catalog Number 010-010-108 (230, 50Hz)
Capacity (in./cm) 5 x 7 / 13 x 18
Optional Accessories  
Description Catalog Number
Hopper/Feeder 010-010-110
Steel Stand 010-010-11
Dust Collection Hopper 010-010-112
Jaw Sets    
Jaw Style Alloy Catalog Number
Serrated Chrome-Moly Steel 010-010-120
Serrated Chrome Steel 010-010-121
Serrated Mild Steel 010-010-122
Serrated Manganese 010-010-123
Serrated Chrome-Moly Steel 010-010-130
Serrated Chrome Steel 010-010-131
Serrated Mild Steel 010-010-132
Serrated Manganese 010-010-133
Mesh Size Equivalents    
Mesh Size Microns Millimeters Inches
20 840 0.84 0.0328
50 297 0.30 0.0116
100 149 0.15 0.0058
200 74 0.07 0.0029
325 44 0.04 0.0017
400 37 0.038 0.0015
625 20 0.02 0.0008
1250 10 0.01 0.0004
010-010-105Jaw Crusher SP-1002ea Details
010-010-106Terminator Jaw Crusher JCT1AL/208v/60Hzea Details
010-010-108Terminator Jaw Crusher JCT1ALea Details
010-010-110Hopper-Feederea Details
010-010-111Stand, Stainless Steelea Details
010-010-112Hopper, Dust Collectionea Details
010-010-113Environmental Enclosureea Details
010-010-114JCT Kit #2 for Terminatorea Details
010-010-115Smooth Moving Jaw, Carbon Steelea Details
010-010-116Smooth Stationary Jaw, Carbon Steelea Details
010-010-117Serrated Moving Jaw, Carbon Steelea Details
010-010-118Serrated Stationary Jaw, Carbon Steelea Details
010-010-120Jaws, Serrated, Alloy 1ea Details
010-010-121Jaws, Serrated, Alloy 2ea Details
010-010-123Jaws Set, Serrated, Mnea Details
010-010-130Jaws, Smooth, Alloy 1ea Details
010-010-131Jaws, Smooth, Alloy 2ea Details
010-010-133Jaw Set, Smooth, Mnea Details
010-010-140Smooth Jaw Set, Carbon Steelea Details
010-010-142Serrated Jaw Set, Carbon Steelea Details
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