Manual Press

The Model C (12 ton) and Model M (25 ton) are ideal for use with XRF pellet dies. Model C is ideal for smaller diameter pellets of more easily compressed material. Model M is suited for larger pellets and harder to press material.

·         Complete line of manual presses

o    30, 40 and 50 ton manual presses are available

·         Offer calibrated gauges in pounds and metric tons

·         Ensures easy-to-read values

o    Manufactured in cast iron and steel

o    Ensure precision and years of trouble-free use

040-020-005Press, Manual, Atlas, 15Tea Details
040-020-010Press, Manual, T25ea Details
040-021-001Hydraulic Press, Cea Details
040-021-002Hydraulic Press, Mea Details
040-021-103Hydraulic Oil (473ml)ea Details
040-021-105Release Valve Assembly Kitea Details
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