Mixing Kits

Mixing kits are designed to accomodate the automated addition of either an internal standard or ionization suppression solution by means of a metered flow and mixing through peristaltic pump tubing.


The mixing kit will provide an appropriate sample dilution for your needs.  Consult your ICP Spectrometer documentation for the appropriate concentration for the Internal Standard Solution.         


020-049-601TJA Internal Std Mix Kit (pk/4)ea Details
020-049-603Internal Std Mix Kit #1, 2 Stop (pk/4)ea Details
020-049-604Internal Std Mix Kit #3, 2 Stop (pk4)ea Details
020-049-605Solvent Flex Int Std Mix Kit 2 Stp (pk4)ea Details
020-049-606Internal Std Mix Kit #2, 2 Stop (pk/4)ea Details
020-049-609Viton Internal Standard Mixing Kit (pk4)ea Details
020-049-610Solvent Flex Standard Mixing Kit (pk 4)ea Details
020-049-611TJA Internal Std Mix Kit SolFlex (pk/4)ea Details
020-049-612Acid-resistant Y-connector, 1.6mm (pk/5)ea Details
020-049-621Thermo Internal Std Mix Kit (Mini) (pk4)ea Details
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