Multi-Ion Chromatography Standards

The multi-element Ion Chromatography standards are packaged in both 125ml or 500ml bottles for convenience and are available in both 100ppm or 1000ppm concentrations. The multis have a 12 month shelf-life, are traceable to NIST standards, have an accuracy of +/- 1%, and a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis is provided. The standards are composed of seven anions that are commonly used to characterize and assess many types of waters (ground, surface, and wastewaters as well as drinking).

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140-315-001Multi-Element IC Std.125ml Details
140-315-005Multi-Element IC Std500ml Details
140-315-011Multi-Element IC Std 2, SET125ml Details
140-315-015Multi-Element IC Std 2, SET500ml Details
140-315-031Multi-ion Standard 2125ml Details
140-315-035Multi-ion Standard 2500ml Details
250-225-011Multi-ion Standard 3125ml Details
250-225-015Multi-ion Standard 3500ml Details
250-225-101Multi Element IC Std 4, SET125ml Details
250-225-201Multi-ion Standard 4125ml Details
250-225-205Multi-ion Standard 4500ml Details
251-225-011Multi-Ion Std 3, Solution A125ml Details
251-225-021Multi-Ion Std 3, Solution B125ml Details
251-225-101Multi-Ion Std 4, Solution A125ml Details
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