Single Ion Chromatography Standards


All of our IC Standards are manufactured in accordance with ISO 17034 Quality Management System requirements, and can be used for calibration, QC checks, or performance evaluation purposes. Traditional calibration standards and eluents as well as custom multi-element solutions are available. All standards come with a complete Certificate of Analysis with NIST traceability.


  • Eluents available as concentrates or working solutions
  • Save time and labor by purchasing prepared calibration standard
  • Eluents prepared following rigid specifications; less baseline variation
  • Standards designed to your specifications
  • Expiry date of 21 months unopened, and 12 months opened

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SPEC Ion Chromatography Standards, please click here.

Description(sorted descending)
250-220-505Nitrate IC Standard, NO3-, 1000ppm125ml Details
250-220-506Nitrate IC Standard, NO3-, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-520Nitrate as Nitrogen IC Std 1000 ppm125ml Details
250-220-521Nitrate as Nitrogen IC Std 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-221-780Molybdate, IC Std, MoO4(2-), 10 000 ppm125ml Details
250-221-781Molybdate, IC Std, MoO4(2-), 10 000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-460Magnesium, IC Standard, Mg2+, 1000ppm125ml Details
250-220-461Magnesium, IC Standard, Mg2+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-221-460Magnesium, IC Standard, 10000ppm125ml Details
250-221-461Magnesium, IC Standard, 10000ppm500ml Details
250-220-445Lithium,IC Standard, Li+, 1000ppm125ml Details
250-220-446Lithium,IC Standard, Li+, 1000ppm500ml Details
250-220-820Isovalerate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm125ml Details
250-220-821Isovalerate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-840Isocaproate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm125ml Details
250-220-841Isocaproate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-800Isobutyrate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm125ml Details
250-220-801Isobutyrate, IC Standard, 1000 ppm500ml Details
250-220-415Formate, IC Standard, HCOO-, 1000ppm125ml Details
250-220-416Formate, IC Standard, HCOO-, 1000ppm500ml Details
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