Stock Calibration & QC Standards

PlasmaCAL multi-element standards are available in three sizes (100, 250 and 500 ml) for flexibility and to save money by buying only what is required.  Complete with a Certificate of Analysis listing actual concentrations and traceable to NIST.  Complete documentation for audit purposes. 

Note:  Some manufacturers may list the same multi-element standard with different element concentrations.  Should you require a combination of elements with concentrations not listed, please contact a SCP SCIENCE sales representative or local distributor.

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140-101-061Calibration Std. Set125ml Details
140-101-062Calibration Std. Set250ml Details
140-101-065Calibration Std. Set500ml Details
140-101-075Calibration Std. 6 (500 ML)ea Details
140-101-105Calibration Std. 6 (500 ML)500ml Details
140-101-072Calibration Std. 6 (250ml)ea Details
140-101-102Calibration Std. 6 (250ml)250ml Details
140-101-071Calibration Std. 6 (125ml)ea Details
140-101-101Calibration Std. 6 (125ml)125ml Details
140-101-055Calibration Std. 5 (500 ML)500ml Details
140-101-095Calibration Std. 5 (500 ML)500ml Details
140-101-052Calibration Std. 5 (250ml)250ml Details
140-101-092Calibration Std. 5 (250ml)250ml Details
140-101-051Calibration Std. 5 (125ml)125ml Details
140-101-091Calibration Std. 5 (125ml)125ml Details
140-101-045Calibration Std. 4 (500 ML)500ml Details
140-101-085Calibration Std. 4 (500 ML)500ml Details
140-101-042Calibration Std. 4 (250ml)250ml Details
140-101-082Calibration Std. 4 (250ml)250ml Details
140-101-041Calibration Std. 4 (125ml)125ml Details
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