Sulfur in Mineral Oil

Sulfur In Mineral Oil

The product line features stocked standards from 10 ug/g S to 45,000 ug/g S. All other concentrations are available as custom standards and may go as low as 1 ug/g. The standards are specially engineered to have an elevated flash point making it suitable for shipping as a non-hazardous product. A Certificate of Analysis reporting concentration and density is included with each standard.

Custom blends
If you require a concentration of an element that we do not routinely stock, custom blends are available and can be shipped within two working days.

Order A Custom Blend
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150-400-027CONOSTAN Sulfur Blank OilGallon Details
150-400-025CONOSTAN Sulfur Blank Oil100g Details
150-400-024CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.750% (7500 ppm)100g Details
150-400-023CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.075% (750ppm)100g Details
150-400-022CONOSTAN cStm Blend S, 0.0075% (75 ppm)100g Details
150-400-021CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 5.00% (50,000 ppm)100g Details
150-400-020CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.500% (5000 ppm)100g Details
150-400-019CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.050% (500 ppm)100g Details
150-400-018CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.005% (50ppm)100g Details
150-400-017CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 4.5% (45000ppm)100g Details
150-400-016CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 4.00% (40,000ppm)100g Details
150-400-015CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 3.5% (35000ppm)100g Details
150-400-014CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 3.00% (30,000 ppm)100g Details
150-400-013CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.03% (300ppm)100g Details
150-400-012CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 2.5% (25,000ppm)100g Details
150-400-011CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.25% (2500ppm)100g Details
150-400-010CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.025% (250 ppm)100g Details
150-400-009CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.0025% (25ppm)100g Details
150-400-008CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 2.00% (20,000 ppm)100g Details
150-400-007CONOSTAN Sngl El. S, 0.0200% (200ppm)100g Details
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