Anions and Halogens

DigiSEP AN-01

Anion analysis in ionic chromatography, titrimetry, ICP-OES and ICP-MS is often complicated by the relatively high detection limit, for example for the analysis of iodine in food products, selenium in biology and in the environment or chlorine in petrochemistry. MRT cartridges allow concentration of these analytes, improving the performances of the analytical method.

Note: In the case where the analyst wants to determine separately the concentrations of different analytes retained on a cartridge, it is possible to play with the chemical affinity to proceed to a selective elution.

010-751-003DigiSEP Column An-02 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-005DigiSEP Column Ha-01 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-007DigiSEP Column F-01 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-009DigiSEP Column F-02 4.6x100mmea Details
010-790-001DigiSEP Powder AN-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-003DigiSEP Powder AN-02 (10g)ea Details
010-790-005DigiSEP Powder Ha-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-007DigiSEP Powder F-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-009DigiSEP Powder F-02 (10g)ea Details
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