XRF Sample Cups & Cells

Sample Cells

Manufactured from high purity polyethylene and packaged in a convenient dispenser box. Single open-ended, double open ended, and accessories are in-stock and ready to ship.

Wide selection of samples cells
    - Available 32 mm, 40 mm, and 47 mm sizes

Other types and styles are available upon request

• XRF Cells Flyer (PDF, 93KB)

Used for the production of pressed-powder sample disks, SCP SCIENCE provides two sizes, 30 mm and 38 mm, of AluCAPs - pellet reinforcing cups. Made from aluminum, AluCAPs provide lateral and bottom support during preparation and handling of pressed-powder samples.

Manufactured with a thin-wall
    - Easily compress sample for XRF analysis

Supplied in a convenient dispenser box
    - Provide sturdy storage packaging

AluCAP Flyer (PDF, 193KB)

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040-080-052XRF Cell, Tapered, Comp. (pk/500)ea Details
040-080-054XRF Cell, 45mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-050XRF Cell, 40mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-051XRF Cell, 39.9mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-058XRF Cell 32mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-100Vent-Hole Punchea Details
040-080-017Trimless Open-End Cell, 40mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-015Tr. Open-Ended Cell, 32mm (pk/200)ea Details
040-080-095Snap-on Ring Fastenerea Details
040-080-065Pre-assembled Cell, Etnom, XOS (pk/10)ea Details
040-080-048Oxford D.Open-End Cell w/ caps (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-020Open-Ended Cell, 47mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-036Open-Ended Cell, 40mm with vent (pk100)ea Details
040-080-011Open-Ended Cell, 40mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-010Open-Ended Cell, 32mm (pk/200)ea Details
040-080-012Open-Ended Cell, 32mm (pk/200)ea Details
040-080-037Open-End Cell, 42.9mm w/ vent (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-046Open-End Cell 40mmx35mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-038Dbl Open-Ended Cell, 45mm (pk/100)ea Details
040-080-022Dbl *Open-Ended Cell, 47mm (pk/100)ea Details
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