Iris, Tracescan, Trace, Advantage, Intrepid Torches

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020-049-196Torch, Removable Tip, extra 1.7mm injctrea Details
020-049-300Torch Bonnet (pk/2)ea Details
020-049-301Extension for Torch w/optical Portea Details
020-049-302Injector Tip, Alumina, 1.0mmea Details
020-050-108Torch, Demountable with 2 1.5mm tipsea Details
020-050-110Torch, Standardea Details
020-050-111Torch with 2 Injector Tubesea Details
020-050-112Torch, Quartz 2000-2400 Seriesea Details
020-050-113Spray Chamber, Standardea Details
020-050-114Spray Chamber, 2000-2400 Seriesea Details
020-050-117Extension for Torchea Details
020-050-118Quartz Injector,Organics,1mm,2 Red Linesea Details
020-050-119Tip,Injector, Quartz, Aqueous single redea Details
020-050-120Torch, High Solidsea Details
020-050-121Torch, Low Flowea Details
020-050-190Spray Chamber, Water Cooledea Details
020-050-192Torch, High Flow Traceea Details
020-050-193Torch, Body HF/CRea Details
020-050-195Torch, Std, 1.25 Injectorea Details
020-050-196Torch, Std, 1.5 Injectorea Details
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