1000ppm Single Element Organometallic

Conostan metallo-organic standards are oil-based metal calibration standards for use with ICP, AA, rotrode, XRF, DCP, flame emission and other instruments. Select a product from the list below or use our Quick Pick Chart.

- Metallo-Organic Standards Flyer (PDF, 345kb)

Custom blends
If you require a concentration of an element that we do not routinely stock, custom blends are available and can be shipped within two working days.

Size: available in 100g, 200g and 400g

Ideal for:
Machinery condition monitoring
Lubricant manufacturing
    - Crude oil refining

Order A Custom Blend

150-100-385CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Sr50g Details
150-100-395CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Y50g Details
150-100-405CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Zr50g Details
150-100-425CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Mo50g Details
150-100-475CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Ag50g Details
150-100-485CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Cd50g Details
150-100-495CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, In50g Details
150-100-505CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Sn50g Details
150-100-515CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Sb50g Details
150-100-565CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Ba50g Details
150-100-575CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, La50g Details
150-100-585CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Ce50g Details
150-100-745CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, W50g Details
150-100-805CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Hg50g Details
150-100-825CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Pb50g Details
150-100-835CONOSTAN 1000ppm Standard, Bi50g Details
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