Leeman Series Axial, Prodigy, Profile Torches

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020-060-655Adapter, Ultem w 12/5, Leeman Prodigyea Details
020-054-065Argon Hose with Fittingsea Details
020-050-060Injector, Quartzea Details
020-054-055Leeman Axial, Aqueous Torchea Details
020-050-178Quartz Opt Window/Purge Tubeea Details
020-050-262Torch w/ ball joint/fittings, Organicsea Details
020-050-050Torch, 1 Piece, Beveled Endea Details
020-054-007Torch, Axial 2.5mm Injector w/ Fittingsea Details
020-054-057Torch, Axial, Aqueous w/Ball Jointea Details
020-054-056Torch, Axial, Demountableea Details
020-050-059Torch, Demountableea Details
020-054-002Torch, Dual View DREea Details
020-054-006Torch, Dual View, 2.5mm Injectorea Details
020-054-003Torch, DV, Demountableea Details
020-050-083Torch, Leeman Fixed 2.5mm Injea Details
020-050-056Torch, Tandem, Aqueousea Details
020-050-057Torch, Tandem, Organicea Details
020-050-058Torch,Demountable w/Qtz Injectorea Details
020-050-052Tube, Inj., Quartz Capillaryea Details
020-054-302Tube, Purge, V2, DVea Details
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