24, 38 & 138 Series, Ultima, Activa Torches

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020-053-379Bonnet for Torchea Details
020-053-002Demoun.Torch Complete for Horiba/JY instea Details
020-053-301Demoun.Torch, Body, for Horiba/JY Inst.ea Details
020-053-378Extension for Torchea Details
020-060-378Extension for Torchea Details
020-053-377Gas Sheath, Glass with socketea Details
020-050-510Inj, Quartz 3.0mm ID for JY/Horibaea Details
020-050-084Injector, Alumina and Teflon Insertea Details
020-050-088Inner Quartz Tube 15x17ea Details
020-050-040Insert, Teflon Demount. Torchea Details
020-050-506O'Ring for Inj. for JY/Horiba inst.(pk5)ea Details
020-050-507O'Ring Kit for JY/Horiba Inst. (pk8)ea Details
020-053-201O-Ring Kit for Torch Bodyea Details
020-050-508O'Ring, for Teflon Insert (5)ea Details
020-053-303Panorama Quartz Outer Tube 105 mmea Details
020-050-175Quartz Injector for Horiba/JY instrumentea Details
020-053-302Quartz Outer Demountable Tube 82.5mmea Details
020-050-039Ring, Centering, Teflonea Details
020-050-176Sheath Gas, Glass, Horiba JYea Details
020-053-376Sheath Gas, PEEKea Details
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