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DigiPREP CUBE is a 25 position, vertically integrated, digestion system with a built-in temperature controller, timer, and graphic display. Simple operations can be achieved through keypad selection, by setting the required time and temperature, or by selecting a predefined program.

Teflon© coated graphite block resists aggressive corrosive attack.
    - Guaranteed for long life

• Digital Display - showing temperature and time

• Offers 3-predefined programs
    - COD DIN @ 148 °C in 120 minutes
    - Fast COD @ 150 °C in 15 minutes
    - COD EPA @ 150 °C in 120 minutes

DigiPREP CUBE Flyer (PDF, 160KB)

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010-510-204DigiPREP MS for 204 COD Tubesea Details
010-510-004DigiPREP CUBE, (230V)ea Details
010-510-003DigiPREP CUBE, (115V)ea Details
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