Graphite Digestion Blocks

DigiPREP systems are ideal for any digestion or heating method which requires a temperature below 180°C. Teflon® coated graphite block resists aggressive, corrosive attack for guaranteed long life. All Systems operate with a user friendly KeyPad or Color Touch Screen Controller.

The DigiPREP 240 series are ideal for high temperature digestions in Teflon® and glass vessels up to 240 ºC. This innovative Teflon® coated graphite block is made with a unique shape around the wells to prevent acid spills from migrating into the housing. These sysetms also have built in temperature control with temperature uniformity (at 95 ºC) of +/- 1.5 ºC and accuracy (at 240 ºC) of +/- 3.0 ºC. 

The DigiPREP 240 MS COMBI is an innovative design that incorporates a rectangular, Teflon® coated chamber for two graphite block inserts. Different size inserts are available as well as custom inserts upon request. 

Application Notes:

A family of DigiPREP application notes covering a wide range of categories (environmental, food, mining, petroleum etc) is available. They describe acid digestion of samples in an open vessel environment for metals analysis by AA, GFAA, ICP and ICP-MS. These application notes are used as a first step to create your own personal sample digestion methods.

Examples of Application Notes available:

  • Digestion of SS-1 Soil CRM Samples following USEPA Method 3050b
  • Digestion of Animal Feed Samples following the AOAC 957.02 (a) Method
  • Digestion of Dried Epoxy Paint Chips


Examples of DigiPREP systems used in Methods:

 (sorted ascending)
010-505-450DigiPREP 240 Jr (230V), 50 ml, 24 pos.ea Details
010-500-470DigiPREP 240 LS (230V), 50 ml, 72 pos.ea Details
010-500-420DigiPREP 240 MS (230V) - NAea Details
010-500-460DigiPREP 240 MS (230V) 50ml 48 pos.ea Details
010-500-421DigiPREP 240 MS Combi (230V)ea Details
010-505-230DigiPREP HP Graphite Hotplate(115V/230V)ea Details
010-501-210DigiPREP Jr, 100ml, 12 Pos (115V/230V)ea Details
010-515-205DigiPREP Jr, 15ml, 40 Pos (115V/230V)ea Details
010-505-205DigiPREP Jr, 50ml, 24 Pos (115V/230V)ea Details
010-501-250DigiPREP LS, 100ml, 42 Pos (230V)ea Details
010-515-220DigiPREP LS, 15mlea Details
010-500-210DigiPREP LS, 50ml, 72 Pos (230V)ea Details
010-510-515DigiPREP Mini, 15ml, 25 Pos (115V)ea Details
010-510-235DigiPREP Mini, 15ml, 25 Pos. (230V)ea Details
010-510-010DigiPREP Mini, 50ml, 9 Pos (115V)ea Details
010-510-015DigiPREP Mini, 50ml, 9 Pos (230V)ea Details
010-501-230DigiPREP MS, 100ml, 30 Pos (115V/230V)ea Details
010-515-210DigiPREP MS, 15ml, 108 Pos (115V/230V)ea Details
010-500-205DigiPREP MS, 50ml 48 Pos (115V/230V)ea Details
010-511-220DigiPREP Split 50/100 MS Blockea Details
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