Rotating Disk Electrode & Graphite Rods List

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060-070-001Electrode, Crater (S-4) (100)ea Details
060-070-002Electrode, Crater, (S-12),(100)ea Details
060-070-003Electrode, Crater,(S-13),(100)ea Details
060-070-004Electrode, Crater, (S-14),(100)ea Details
060-070-005Electrode, Crater, (S-15),(100)ea Details
060-070-006Electrode, Crater,(1011)(100)ea Details
060-070-010Electrode, Crater (1008),(100)ea Details
060-070-011Electrode, Crater,(S-8),(100)ea Details
060-070-020Electrode, Toadstool PD-1 (Pk of 10)ea Details
060-070-050Electrode, Counter (C-3),(100)ea Details
060-070-055Electrode, Counter(C-1)(100)ea Details
060-070-060Elec. Counter (C-180)(100)ea Details
060-070-061Electrode, Counter (1101),(100)ea Details
060-070-070Electrode, Counter C-8 (100)ea Details
070-070-001RDE Disk Baird/MOA/SpectrOil Robot(100)ea Details
070-070-002RDE Disk for Spectr Oil, Angled (500)ea Details
070-070-003RDE Disk Spectro Oil Manual(500)ea Details
070-070-101RDE Disk, High Porosity (500)ea Details
070-071-001RDE Graphite Rods, 0.242" x 4" (100)ea Details
070-071-002RDE Graphite Rods, 0.242" x 6" (100)ea Details
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