DigiPROBE is PFA coated temperature probe which provides direct control and monitoring of the sample temperature when placed in a DigiTUBE (catalog no. 010-500-261). During evaporation or digestion, sample temperature may deviate from the "Target Temperature" of the DigiPREP system without DigiPROBE ( View Chart ). DigiPROBE provides direct sample temperature feedback to the controller which can then adjust the temperature of DigiPREP block on a continuous basis.


The 6" DigiPROBE (catalog no. 010-505-115) is used with DigiTUBEs (catalog no. 010-500-261 and 010-500-264) and the 10" DigiPROBE (catalog no. 010-505-116) is used with 115 ml borosilicate glass tubes (catalog no. 010-500-068) that are calibrated at the 50 ml and 100 ml marks. DigiPROBEs are supplied with acid resistant DigiPROBE holders to support and position the DigiPROBE in the Tube.

• Provide constant sample temperature control throughout   the entire digestion process
    -  Offer consistent sample evaporation and digestion results

• Monitor the sample temperature automatically
    -  No longer a need to manually monitor sample temperature to ensure samples are at a constant temperature

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010-505-116DigiPROBE 10 inch for Jr/MS/LSea Details
010-505-115DigiPROBE 6", for 50ml Jr/MS/LSea Details
010-505-052DigiPROBE Dongle for DigiPREPea Details
010-515-115DigiPROBE for 15ml DigiTUBEsea Details
010-501-010DigiPROBE Holder DigiTUBES (100ml)ea Details
010-500-038DigiPROBE Holder for 100ml 225mm tubeea Details
010-500-035DigiPROBE Holder for DigiTUBES (50ml)ea Details
010-505-036DigiPROBE Holder, HPea Details
010-515-036DigiPROBE Probe holder, 15mlea Details
010-500-041DigiPROBE Storage Wells (pk/10)ea Details
010-505-041DigiPROBE Storage Wells for HPea Details
010-500-032DigiPROBE Tube, Pyrexea Details
010-500-019DigiPROBE Watch Glass, 50ml (25)ea Details
010-505-118DigiPROBE, 10 inch for HPea Details
010-501-115DigiPROBE, 6" for 100ml Jr/MS/LSea Details
010-505-117DigiPROBE, 6" for HPea Details
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