2.0" Series, Non Coded

Every hollow cathode lamp (HCL) is tested for two major parameters which affect analytical results.  These parameters are the HCL’s current – which affects the intensity of the source - and spectral band width – which affects the isolation of the spectral line.  SCP SCIENCE supplies information on these recommended operating conditions for each lamp to optimize your AAS.


• Hollow Cathode Lamp Flyer (PDF, 394KB)

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030-200-574Hollow Cathode Lamp, Lanthanumea Details
030-200-582Hollow Cathode Lamp, Ceriumea Details
030-200-634Hollow Cathode Lamp, Europiumea Details
030-200-644Hollow Cathode Lamp, Gadoliniumea Details
030-200-664Hollow Cathode Lamp, Dysprosiumea Details
030-200-704Hollow Cathode Lamp, Ytterbiumea Details
030-200-742Hollow Cathode Lamp, Tungstenea Details
030-200-754Hollow Cathode Lamp, Rheniumea Details
030-200-772Hollow Cathode Lamp, Iridiumea Details
030-200-782Hollow Cathode Lamp, Platinumea Details
030-200-792Hollow Cathode Lamp, Goldea Details
030-200-802Hollow Cathode Lamp, Mercuryea Details
030-200-812Hollow Cathode Lamp, Thalliumea Details
030-200-822Hollow Cathode Lamp, Leadea Details
030-200-832Hollow Cathode Lamp, Bismuthea Details
030-201-001Hollow Cathode Lamp, Al, Ca, Mgea Details
030-201-008Hollow Cathode Lamp, Ca, Mgea Details
030-201-009Hollow Cathode Lamp, Ca, Mg, Znea Details
030-201-012Hollow Cathode Lamp, Cu,Fe,Mn,Znea Details
030-201-014Hollow Cathode Lamp, Na, Kea Details
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