Products for APHA Methods

Maximize productivity and reduce analysis costs using AccuSPEC prepared standards and reagents for APHA Methods. Prepared solutions are available for most common Inorganic Standard Methods.

Prepared as per guidelines from the "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and WasteWater", 20th Edition. 
    -  Compliance with APHA, AWWA & WEF.
Links between reagents and specific methods.
   -  Easy retrieval of specific reagents.

• Manufactured and tested under an ISO Certified Quality Program.
    -  Consistency between product lots.

250-260-451Borax, Na2B4O7, 1% w/vL Details
250-260-452Borax, Na2B4O7, 1% w/v5L Details
250-260-453Borax, Na2B4O7, 1% w/v10L Details
250-260-454Borax, Na2B4O7, 1% w/v20L Details
250-260-475Calcium Carbonate Standard500ml Details
250-260-476Calcium Carbonate StandardL Details
250-260-477Calcium Carbonate Standard5L Details
250-260-500Color Standard 500 Units500ml Details
250-260-501Color Standard 500 UnitsL Details
250-260-525Copper Sulfate, CuSO4, 2% w/v500ml Details
250-260-526Copper Sulfate, CuSO4, 2% w/vL Details
250-260-527Copper Sulfate, CuSO4, 2% w/v4L Details
250-260-550Copper Sulfate-Sulfamic Acid Inibitor500ml Details
250-260-551Copper Sulfate-Sulfamic Acid InibitorL Details
250-260-575EDTA Disodium Salt, C10H14N2O8Na2, 0.25ML Details
250-260-576EDTA Disodium Salt, C10H14N2O8Na2, 0.25M5L Details
250-260-577EDTA Disodium Salt, C10H14N2O8Na2, 0.25M10L Details
250-260-578EDTA Disodium Salt, C10H14N2O8Na2, 0.25M20L Details
250-260-600EDTA Disodium Salt(for NH3-N)L Details
250-260-601EDTA Disodium Salt(for NH3-N)5L Details
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