AccuSPEC for Ion Selective Electrode Analysis


Ion Selective Electrodes provide a quick and convenient mehod of analysis for many ionic species. Save on standards and reagents manufactured under our ISO Quality Program.

Complete list of products for most Ion Selective Electrodes. 
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• Manufactured and tested under an ISO Certified Quality Program.
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250-220-250Calcium IC Standard, Ca2+, 1000ppm125ml Details
250-180-400Ionic Strength Adjustor(ISA)125ml Details
250-180-425Nitrate Interference Suppressor Solution125ml Details
250-180-500Ross Reference Electrode125ml Details
250-180-525Single Junction Reference125ml Details
250-180-575Sodium Ionic Strength Adjustor125ml Details
250-220-100Acetate, IC Standard, CH3COO-, 1000ppm125ml Details
250-180-250Combinaison Chloride Reference125ml Details
250-180-275Double Junction Ref. Elect. inner sol125ml Details
250-180-285Double Junction Ref. Elect. outer sol125ml Details
250-180-300Electrode Cleaning Solution125ml Details
250-180-325Electrode Storage Solution125ml Details
250-180-350Electrode Storage Solution(buffered)125ml Details
250-180-554Sodium Chloride, NaCl, 5M20L Details
250-220-191Bicarbonate/Sodium Hydroxide20L Details
250-220-266Carbonate/Bicarbonate, 0.0018/0.0017M20L Details
250-220-281Carbonate/Bicarbonate, 0.0022/0.0028M20L Details
250-220-296Carbonate/Bicarbonate, 0.003/0.0024M20L Details
250-180-101Reference Electrode Fill Solution500ml Details
250-180-126Ammonia Electrode Filling Solution500ml Details
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