TAN and TBN Standards

Total Acid Number (TAN) Standards


The titration curves for every concentration of the CONOSTAN family of TAN standards has more prominent inflection points and a wider difference between the starting pH and final pH during titration, in comparison with other suppliers.  At minimum concentration for TAN standards, the pH change in the titration curve is now greater than even the highest concentrations of competitive standards.  Because the inflection point is more prominent, CONOSTAN TAN standards offer uncertainties less than 1% of stated concentration providing customers the opportunity for better calibration of their titrator and TAN titration method.


Total Base Number (TBN) Standards


Each CONOSTAN TBN standard is formulated to provide a strong levering influence on the titration curve creating dramatic and easy to determine inflection points.  Concentration uncertainties for TBN are less than 1%. 


 TAN-TBN standards flyer (PDF - Approx. 330 kb)

150-800-476TAN 6.0 mg KOH/g200g Details
150-800-485TAN 8.0 mg KOH/g75g Details
150-800-486TAN 8.0 mg KOH/g200g Details
150-801-011TBN 1mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-016TBN 1mg KOH /g200g Details
150-801-031TBN 3mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-036TBN 3mg KOH /g200g Details
150-801-065TBN 6mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-066TBN 6mg KOH /g200g Details
150-801-105TBN 10mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-106TBN 10mg KOH /g200g Details
150-801-155TBN 15mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-156TBN 15mg KOH /g200g Details
150-801-305TBN 30mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-306TBN 30mg KOH /g200g Details
150-801-405TBN 40mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-406TBN 40mg KOH /g200g Details
150-801-705TBN 70mg KOH /g75g Details
150-801-706TBN 70mg KOH /g200g Details
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