Designed for automated laboratory testing of environmental samples


Full process automation provides unattended capability for conductivity measurement, pH measurement, pH adjustment, pH end-point titration, alkalinity and ORP measurement.


  • Bidirectional titration of acid and base
  • Up to 5 point calibration for pH and EC
  • Auto washing station prevents sample cross-contamination
  • Barcoding capability provides automatic loading of sample and rack IDs
  • User friendly software, LIMS compatible
  • Accommodates 100ml sample vessels, 47 positions
  • Simultaneous pH & alkalinity measurement provides quick generation of results




pH Probe

EC Probe

ORP Probe

Measuring range (pH): 1 – 14

Precision: ≤0.5%

Accuracy: 1% of reading

Electrode slope: 58 mV/pH units

Resolution (pH): 0.01

Measuring range (K=1.0): 5.5-100,000 µs/cm

Measuring range (K=0.1): 0.1-20,000 µs/cm

Precision: <2%

Accuracy: 10% reading

Working temp.: <2%

Cell Constant: 1.0 cm-1

Range: -1019.9 mV to 1019.9 mV

Accuracy: ±1 mV

 (sorted ascending)
010-410-032Conductivity probe for TitrEC (K=0.1)ea Details
010-410-012Conductivity probe TitrEC (K=1)w/o cableea Details
010-400-102Dispenser, 1mlea Details
010-400-104Dispenser, 5mlea Details
010-400-108Dispenser,10mlea Details
010-410-013Dispensing Pump for 1, 5, 10ml Titrecea Details
010-410-014Rack, 47 Position for TitrEC 100mlea Details
010-410-001TitrEC (110V/230V) with Softwareea Details
010-410-005Turbidity Accessory, pump, meter 850nmea Details
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