Fusion Fluxes

AccuSPEC fusion fluxes are supplied dust free, in homogeneous spherical vitreous particles with less then 0.05% moisture. Choose from a variety of our fused fluxes or request a custom blend for your application. Depending on your analytical requirements, two flux grades; Pure and Ultra Pure, are available. Used in cements, ceramics and glassmaking, mining industries, metal producers & R&D laboratories - petrochemical plants.

Fusion Fluxes

·        Eliminate risks associated with crucibles overflowing

o    High bulk density of 1.4 g/cm^3

·         Offer higher analytical accuracy

o    Spherical (<500 um) and vitreous particles are easy to handle

·         Two purity levels are available

o    Ultra Pure 99.999% best choice for ICP-AES/MS Analysis

o    Pure 99.99% most popular in XRF analysis

·         Complete with a detailed Certificate of Analysis

o    Lot number and the concentration of analytes determined by ICP-AES

·         Fusion Flux Flyer (PDF, 169 KB)


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040-060-270LiT 90% LiF 10% (500g)ea Details
040-060-271LiT/LiM/LiBr 34.83/64.67/0.50 Pure (Kg)ea Details
040-060-330Lithium Bromide, NWA - Solutions, 15 mlea Details
040-060-332Lithium Fluoride Crystals, 250gea Details
040-060-340LiC, Ultra Pure, 500gea Details
040-060-342Sodium Carbonate, 500gea Details
040-060-364Scoop for Flux, 2g Capacityea Details
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