NovaWAVE SA System


  • Digest 12 samples simultaneously
  • Independent sample temperature feedback, in real time, controls the heating process
  • Twelve individual magnetron power sources and 12 IR temperature sensors allow users to customize a method for each vessel allowing for digestion of up to 12 different sample types simultaneously, each with their own digestion parameters
  • Simplified Vessel Assembly with Vent-and-Seal Technology to reduce Rack preparation time
  • All metal parts are Triple Teflon® coated with PTFE and PFA
  • Assign Application Methods in 3 ways: by cycle, rack and sample
  • 13 gauge stainless steel tunnel
  • Multiple safety features to protect the operator and samples
  • Quartz or Teflon® vessels for flexibility in reagent use
  • Monitor individual sample progress in real time with the built-in touch screen interface
010-600-001NovaWAVE SAea Details
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