High Temperature Graphite Digestion Blocks - Ambient to 450°C

Sample Digestion System - High Temperature

• Manufactured with an all-Teflon® manifold:
    -  Prevents toxic fumes from escaping and promotes refluxing
    -  Eliminates cross contamination
    -  Eliminates broken glass manifold

• Complete with a sturdy two-tier dual zone tube rack:
     -  Reduce valuable fume hood space requirements
     -  Includes viewing window to monitor digestion progress


Download the DigiPREP HT 4-page Brochure
(PDF - Approx. 265kb)

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010-520-205DigiPREP HT 100 w/o Manifold, DP (230V)ea Details
010-520-225DigiPREP HT 250 without Man, DP (230V)ea Details
010-520-244DigiPREP HT 250-10 w/o Man, DP (230v)ea Details
010-520-246DigiPREP HT 100-10 w/o Man, DP (230V)ea Details
010-520-402DigiPREP HT 100-40 with Dual Probeea Details
010-520-422DigiPREP HT 250-20 with Dual Probeea Details
010-520-435DigiPREP HT 100-10 with Dual Probeea Details
010-520-442DigiPREP HT 250-20 for Mining with Rackea Details
010-520-445DigiPREP HT 250-10 with Dual Probeea Details
010-520-447DigiPREP HT 250-10 w DP, Mining w Rackea Details
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