Standards and Reagents

250-110-100Buffer pH 7.2 (phosphate), for BOD500ml Details
250-110-150BOD Kit (500 ML/ea soln)ea Details
250-110-200Calcium Chloride, CaCI2, 2.75%500ml Details
250-110-300Ferric Chloride, FeCl3, 0.025% w/v500ml Details
250-110-400Magnesium Sulfate, MgSO4, 2.25%w/v500ml Details
250-110-500BOD glucose solid for check soln10g Details
250-110-600BOD glutamic acid for check soln10g Details
250-110-700P210 PolySeed NX (50 capsules)ea Details
250-110-800P110 PolySeed (50 capsules)ea Details
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