Matrix Modifiers

Matrix Modifiers allow the optimization of analytical conditions to provide better GFAA instrument response and better detection limits. All commonly used products are available in addition to custom formulations.  

Matrix Modifiers

Prepared from 99.999% pure starting materials
    -  Low level of metallic impurities in the final solution

• Custom formulations available
    -  Designed for your specific application

Complete Certificate of Analysis listing the actual concentration and the level of metallic impurities
    -  Complete documentation for audit purposes

• Matrix Modifier Flyer (PDF, 60KB)

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140-003-152Ammonium Phosphate250ml Details
140-003-182Ammonium Nitrate250ml Details
140-003-192Palladium/Magnesium Matrix Modifier250ml Details
140-003-212Nickel Nitrate250ml Details
140-003-242Cesium Chloride250ml Details
140-003-272Cesium nitrate 1% as Cs250ml Details
140-003-302Lithium Chloride250ml Details
140-003-332Lithium Nitrate250ml Details
140-003-362Potassium Chloride250ml Details
140-003-392Potassium Nitrate 1% as K in HNO3250ml Details
140-003-422Lanthanum Chloride250ml Details
140-003-452Lanthanum Nitrate250ml Details
140-003-035Magnesium Nitrate, 2% Mg in HNO3500ml Details
140-003-065Palladium Nitrate, 0.2% Pd in HNO3500ml Details
140-003-095Palladium Nitrate 2% Pd in HNO3500ml Details
140-003-125Calcium Nitrate500ml Details
140-003-155Ammonium Phosphate500ml Details
140-003-185Ammonium Nitrate500ml Details
140-003-195Palladium/Magnesium Matrix Modifier500ml Details
140-003-215Nickel Nitrate500ml Details
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