Plasma and Tuning Solutions

PlasmaCAL Single-Element Standards are manufactured using 18 megohm/cm double deionized water, high purity acids, Class A glassware and acid-cleaned bottles in accordance to an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO17025:2005 Quality System.  Popular standards are available for ICP and ICP-MS analysis.

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140-128-025Verification Solution500ml Details
140-130-341Varian ICP Tuning Solution, SCP14AES125ml Details
140-130-351Varian ICP Tuning Soln w/ Cu, SCP15AES125ml Details
140-131-021USP 232 Elemental Impurities std (II)125ml Details
140-122-015Tuning Solution, 500 ML500ml Details
140-128-301Tuning Solution for GENESIS/ARCOS ICAL125ml Details
140-128-305Tuning Solution for GENESIS/ARCOS ICAL500ml Details
140-128-201Tuning Solution for CirOS ICP (125ml)125ml Details
140-128-205Tuning Solution for CirOS ICP500ml Details
140-135-035Tuning Solution C (for ISO 17294-2)500ml Details
140-122-011Tuning Solution100ml Details
140-135-031Tuning Sol. C, 125ml (for ISO 17294-2)125ml Details
140-135-021Tuning Sol. B, 125ml (for ISO 17294-2)125ml Details
140-135-011Tuning Sol. A, 125ml (for ISO 17294-2)125ml Details
140-128-024Stability Solution (Brine)125ml Details
140-128-023Stability Solution125ml Details
140-128-401Spectro Optimization Solution125ml Details
140-128-411Spectro IQ/OQ Check Solution125ml Details
140-128-003RQC-2 Solution (500ml)ea Details
140-128-002RQC-1 Solution (500ml)ea Details
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