PlasmaPure Plus Acids

  PlasmaPURE Plus acids are manufactured with trace metal levels less than 10 ppt (0.01ppb). Commonly used in semiconductor, nuclear, clinical, pharmaceutical and geochemical analysis. Used for sample and standards preparation for ICP-AES, ICP-MS, Flame AA and Graphite Furnace AA spectroscopy.

PlasmaPURE Plus Acids and Reagents

Complete with a Certificate of Analysis with lot number, expiry date, and maximum specification for over 60 analytes

     -  Complete documentation for audit purposes

• Packaged in Class 10 clean room conditions
     -  Supplied in preleached Teflon® bottles for optimum quality

• Available in sizes from 250 ml to 2 liters
     - Flexibility: Buy only what is required. Save money with larger volumes

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PlasmaPURE Acids and Reagents 


PlasmaPure Acids Flyer (PDF, 333 KB)

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250-036-133Nitric acid, PPP, 67 - 70%L Details
250-036-141Sulfuric acid, PPP, 93 - 98%L Details
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