Grinder, Soft Material, SP-3000, 230v/50

Item: 010-010-305
Unit of measure: ea
Model Number: SP-3000

Ideal instrument to reduce 20 to 80 grams of medium to soft material into the desired mesh size. Complete with a metal plate preformated with 1/16"(10mesh) holes. A set of rotating knives cuts and shears the sample against a set of stationary knives in the grinding chamber. The process continues until the material is fine enough to pass through the mesh screen at the bottom of the chamber. Easily-removable, sealed, sample receptacle ; Manufactured with a dual-stage feeding hopper.

SP-3000 Soft Material Grinder
Power: 3 Phase, 2 HP
Weight (lb/kg): 120/264
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz


Agriculture:   Food:
Grass, compressed fibers, straw, peat, husks, hay, hops, roots  

Spices, tobacco

Industrial Products:   Environment:
Plastics (PET, PP, PVC etc...)   Pellets, wood, soft soil
Resins, synthetic fibers, leather, rubber, general chemistry lab, paper    


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