BOD YSI Optical Probe

Item: 010-420-030
Unit of measure: ea
  • Measures dissolved oxygen in water using luminescence technology
  • Uses a digital signal to send information between the instrument and probe
  • Offers a stirrer and motor to aid in sample movement
  • Key advantages of the YSI Probe's use of optical technology for DO measurement:
    • Greater stability
    • Ability to zero the sensor for more accurate measurements
    • Elimination of frequent membrane/electrolyte changes and electrode servicing


    • Range: 0-50 mg/l
    • Accuracy:
      • 0 to 20: ±0.1mg/L or ±1% reading, whichever greater
      • 20-50mg/L, ±15% reading
    • Resolution: 0.01 mg/L
    • Response time: T95=22 seconds with stirring
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