Start up Kit for 100ml MS

Item: 010-501-235
Unit of measure: ea

The startup kit provides necessary tools in order for you to begin using the DigiPREP MS immediately. The kit contains 200 DigiTUBEs (RackLock style), one box of 500 watch glasses (010-501-081), 2 extra 15-position RackLock racks (010-501-530) and one box of 5 polyethylene (PE) racks (010-500-026) for DigiTUBEs.

Notes: The startup kit contains: 200 DigiTUBEs (RackLock style) 1 box of 500 watch glasses (010-501-081), 2 15-position RackLock racks (010-501-530) 1 pk/5 Foam Storage Rack 100 ml (010-501-028)
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