DigiTUBEs 15ml RL w/caps (540)

Item: 010-515-361
Unit of measure: ea

Products manufactured of ICP MS Grade Polypropylene tested and approved in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.


Low leachable catalytic/additive metal content, excellent visibility and good acid resistance are guaranteed.

DigiTUBEs come complete with leak free, polyethylene screw caps with no metallic additives. The volume lines on 15ml DigiTUBEs were calibrated in accordance with ASTM Standard E542-01.The accuracy of the 15ml line meets the tolerance specifications of ISO 6706, Plastics laboratory ware – Graduated measuring cylinders which is +/-0.20 ml. This reduces and eliminates the need for graduated cylinders and volumetric flasks.

In fact, a DigiTUBE replaces 5 vessels in the lab (i.e. digestion beaker, graduated cylinder, volumetric flask, autosampler tube, and storage container). Save time and lower costs with the use of DigiTUBEs.

Second generation DigiTUBEs offer a flatter bottom than previous models providing a more intimate contact with the base of the DigiPREP well. This results in faster sample temperature response times.


Note: For use with 15ml DigiPREP systems.

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