DigiPREP HT 250 without Man, DP (230V)

Item: 010-520-225
Unit of measure: ea


Systems work from ambient to 425C.

The heater is tuned to provide better than +/- 380C.

All of our High Temperature Blocks come with a dual temperature probe. One to monitor and control the block's heating cycle when connected to a Keypad or Touch Screen Controller. The second temperature probe can be used to validate the block temperature via independent measuring device.

Exhaust Manifold is an all-Teflon manifold: which promotes refluxing during TKN digestions. The all-Teflon design prevents cross contamination during fume removal and prevents toxic fumes from escaping when connected to a fume retrieval system. Being made of Teflon prevents breakage during handling.

Systems come complete with double windowed Dualheat cone Insert Rack. The dual zone promotes reflux in the final stages while allowing for efficient evaporation. The double window allows for easy observation of the digestion. The High Rise configuration reduces the need for valuable fume hood space as the digestion vessel may be cooled in Insert Rack when placed on the High Rise as shown in the picture. The Teflon manifold also has a place for storage when not in use.

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