MiniWAVE Rack, 6pl w/75ml Quartz Vessels

Item: 010-600-009
Unit of measure: ea

Quartz rack for use with MiniWAVE to insert 6 samples on block at one time. For use with  75 ml Quartz Tubes.

Quartz vessels have the following advantages:

• Volume calibrated Quartz Digestion Vessels at 50 ml for normalization

• Observe what is being digested in Quartz

• Easier to wash than Teflon® vessels

• Reduced cross contamination vs Teflon® vessels

• Lower replacement cost than Teflon®

Racks have the following advantages:

• Rack and Vessels can be assembled in minutes

• Vent and seal technology (34 atm., 500 psi)

• Tube extenders to increase heating efficiency

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