PlasmaFLOW Quartz Nebulizer, 30-C1

Item: 020-065-531
Unit of measure: ea
OEM Number: TQ30C1

PlasmaFLOW™ Concentric Nebulizers by SCP SCIENCE


Each PlasmaFLOW™ Concentric Nebulizer is tested by the Quality Control Department. The individual/unique sample uptake (ml/min) and argon pressure (psi) are both printed on the packaging in order for the user to best calibrate their system. Nebulizers are packaged securely, complete with instruction insert, connectors and tubing. Click here for more details.


Category: C Type (1)


Material: Quartz


Argon Pressure (psi): 25-40


Sample Uptake (ml/min): 0.7-1.4 

Promo: FREE pack of PlasmaFLOW PVC pump tubing or FREE ICP Standard* (single element, 1,000 ppm, 2 x 25 ml) with the purchase of a PlasmaFLOW product; including nebulizers, spray chambers, torches and ICP-MS cones (sampler and skimmer).
*The following elements are excluded from all special offers: Be, Sc, Ru, Rh, Pd, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, Tm, Lu.
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